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Another update
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Author:  Zop [ Fri Mar 05, 2004 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Another update

Redid Edit Mode's menuing so that it can make sense to someone other than puzzle solvers. Creating and deleting menus are not functional as of yet, but they show what will be available.

Added rune- Ammo Rune. Takes up two rune slots because it gives you infinate ammo. You'll have to have at least 1 of whatever ammo you need to fire that weapon, however. Now I think I'll change that bit, but I'm too tired at the moment, and I'd feel silly uploading the code for a fourth time in the same ten minutes...

Projectiles will teleport through teleporters. Explosions should work through teleporters, but that has yet to be tested.

Keys (if originally in level) now are new powerups. Silver key will give you 25% extra damage, gold gives you 25% damage reduction. They last until you die. Unfortunately, you will not be able to test this since I am having problems with certain levels, and have froze the server on dm4 at this time.

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