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 Post subject: Rune Quake Version 1.3.61 Released
PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2009 8:09 pm 
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Snapshort version 1.3.61 released: ...

Version 1.3.61  Sun May 03 00:46:44 EST 2009

    - Bug Fixes

        - When riding a player who disconnects during intermission and you are
          in fast/high track mode, you lose your ridee. [FIXED]

        - Joining the game as observer while in lava or slime would cause damage
          when you joined the game. [FIXED]

        - The custom maps code sends the aliases for small, medium, and large at
          different intervals to prevent both client crashing and console
          overflow. This now increases the total number of maps to 197 for normal
          Quake/ProQuake servers, and 297 for my modified engine.

        - Prevented vote-team in match mode.

        - WEAPON_CHARGED_OFFSET in settings.qc wasn't referenced to anything but
          works now. Use VEC_ORIGIN ('0 0 0') for no weapons up.]

        - Fixed a rare bug with weirdness rune and shamblers that caused
          the server to crash.

        - All teams are removed when match is aborted in match mode.

        - Mode switch voting wasn't working properly in Quakeworld.

        - Vote commands now work in Dark Places.

    - Changes

        - Added head hunters mode (vote-heads).  This mode is based off of the mod
          Head Hunters.  It's still in the development stage because I need more
          people to play it and give me feedback.

        - Type help-"deathmatch, teamplay, noexit, temp1, or scratch1" in the server
          console to get a list of the various options available and whether they're on or off.

        - Typing "commands" in the server console displays every available server command.

        - Mod officially supports in-game banning without any server-side modifications.

        - Improved the tornado rune trajectory.

        - Added the command 'never' to always vote no. Use the command again
          to toggle this feature when a vote is not in progress.

        - Recently played levels require a greater vote percentage.

        - Players are prevented from voting too ofen.

        - Added new player commands: vote-rune-drop, vote-lg-discharge,
          vote-classic-mega, vote-random-spawn.

        - Added new server commands: mode, modelock, modeunlock.

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