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Rune Quake Version 1.3.72 Released
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Author:  Slot Zero [ Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:45 am ]
Post subject:  Rune Quake Version 1.3.72 Released

Snapshot version 1.3.72 released: ...

Version 1.3.72  Tue Feb 08 04:18:16 EST 2011

    - Bug Fixes

        - Fixed some rune oddities in modes where runes generally aren't used.

        - Tweaked the vampire rune to prevent excessive frag build-ups.

        - Noticable specifically on DM5, when you jump up to the pent you would get stuck if you
          tried to jump up too close to the opening in the wall.  [FIXED]

        - Fixed depreacted usage of the tail command in Makefile.

    - Changes

        - Added 'setafk' as console command using 'skill' to set minutes.

        - Added 'maxrunes' to the list of console commands. Works just like setafk except the value
          is between 1-63. The temp1 bits are still the same and work in conjunction with this.

        - If you explicitly deny custom or standard maps you will not be allowed to vote
          for them without using the NOEXIT_VOTE_ALL_MAPS.

        - Added new command vote-shoot-buttons to toggle shootable buttons.

        - Map names length changed from 8 to 12.

        - You can now vote for options while in the queue in match mode, except during a match.

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