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TU-SNS Runequake match Thursday March 22, 10:30 EST
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Author:  spooker [ Sat Mar 17, 2007 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  TU-SNS Runequake match Thursday March 22, 10:30 EST

Baker and I have agreed to set the TU-SNS Runequake match for next Thursday, March 22, at 10:30 EST. It is on Thanks to Slot for accomodating us!! Hope to see everyone there! So here are the rules:

1. STFU rule--no unnecessary talking before the match starts and between matches, when we are trying to start a game. There is no mute function on shmack so those who break this rule will be kicked.
2. Alt weapons off
3. Hook on (+hook)
4. Aiming for a 4v4, best of 5
5. Server defaults: spawn shields off, team damage off (can't hurt your teammates)
6. Map choice order is: TU, SNS, SNS, TU, e4m3. Map choices are limited to ID maps but need not be announced beforehand.
7. Score limit is 50. Time limit is 15 (I think). Not sure how to change this.

Having a runequake clan match is innovative, so no one really knows what to expect. Looking forward to it!

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