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ProQuake 4.30 (Auto-download, history stored, ..)
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Author:  Baker [ Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  ProQuake 4.30 (Auto-download, history stored, ..)


June 26, 2010

Download: ProQuake 4.30 - 1.5 MB (Source)

Newest Features

1. Web download progress bar
2. Web downloading works by default now (4.26 change)
3. Smooth coop. The monsters will NEVER be jerky on, say, an RQuake server.
4. WinQuake (wqpro) now has optional animation interpolation courtesy of MH. r_interpolation_animation 1.
5. Session to session command history (like JoeQuake, except makes a human readable file quake\id1\proquake_history.txt). Press up arrow in console to scroll through "last time's commands".
6. glpro clears textures on every map load and can potentially runs hundreds of maps back-to-back instead of eventually running out of texture space.
7. chase_active 2 support (can be used as an overhead view)
8. Supports MP3 music (for instance, Travail's soundtrack or you could put the Quake sound track in id1\music folder as .mp3 files ... i.e. track00.mp3, track01.mp3, etc.)
9. DX8 build is standard now, cl_bobbing 1 support, rotation support and a few other small changes.

Windows Builds:
1. OpenGL: glpro430.exe
2. WinQuake: wqpro430.exe
3. Direct3D: d3dpro430.exe
4. DirectX 8.1: dx8pro430.exe

(OS X Build will eventually be updated.)

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